Yoga is the most ancient system for physical, mental and spiritual well-being in the world. The different systems of yoga have techniques and practices ranging from physical postures , to the deepest stage of meditation, all aimed towards helping you achieve optimum physical and mental well-being.

We host yoga retreats on a rolling basis and are ideal for small groups or for weekends away.

Please find packages to suit your weekend of wellness located in our treats menu.

wild swimming


There is something addictive about wild open water swimming providing swimmers with a refuge from everyday life. Physiologists talk of the endorphins released by the temperature shock of cold water while swimmers refer to them as “endolphins”. Wild swimming is total freedom: with no lanes to control you; no demand on your direction, whether to swim clockwise or end to end; and your company is strictly yours to choose, from human to wildlife. The effect of an immune system bracing itself against the cold is far reaching and can be helpful in releasing stress and anxiety.

We’ve made it easy to enjoy…..simply step off the swimming platform for a dip in the pond. Then there’s the luxury of a warm spring water shower followed by the ultimate heat therapy in the Infrared Sauna.

We advise guests that all wild swimming is at their own risk as there is no life guard on duty.



On the deck above the water in a charming grass roofed cabin you will find the Infrared Sauna with a warm spring water shower and treatment room…..total escape

Infrared sauna helps relieve inflammation, stiffness and soreness by increasing blood circulation. The penetrating heat and increased blood circulation enables the muscles to relax and metabolic waste products to be carried off while restoring oxygen rich blood to the muscles. The Sauna also helps to open pores enabling a deeper penetration of products into the skin and increasing the benefits of the treatment.

Enjoy after a swim in the cold fresh water of the lake or in advance of a massage.

We recommend using the infrared sauna at least 20 mins before your treatment time.



Stroll out along the right of the inner harbour, past emigrants’ point and up the steps to the pine trees. You will find a series of hammocks discreetly hidden among the trees. A place of total tranquility overlooking the marina, the lake and the reed beds, home to the myriad of bird life protected in this natural wildlife habitat. Read a book, take a snooze or simply watch the world float by.